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Sock Creature
Craft Kits

a complete craft kit containing everything you need to create your own unique creature and have bundles of fun!

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What is included in a kit?

Each Sock Creature Craft Kit contains:

- Bright striped socks

- Polyester stuffing

- Needle & thread

- Instructions & Template

- Sock Creature ID card

- Felt and buttons 

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confetti back ground.jpg

She's SO proud of herself for making it - no it doesn't look the same as the one in the picture on here but, as she said: "Mummy, everyone looks different and everyone is special for who they are so it's fine that my sausage dog is slightly different".

confetti back ground.jpg

Amazing value and kit overall. I really enjoyed this kit and found it a good way to wind down. The packaging was simple but beautiful! It’s the small things that count :)
If you’re contemplating buying this kit I’d go for it! 100% worth my money.

confetti back ground.jpg

I was going to add a photo of the finished product but my daughter is fast asleep cuddling her sausage dog very tightly. Something that has given my daughter so much joy and such a sense of achievement is worth every penny.

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